O3 Solutions is an internationally reaching consulting and engineering company created in 1995 to offer our planet an environmentally friendly method of treatment for commercial and industrial water and waste water.  This is done utilizing ozone technology, a green alternative to chemical water treatment processes, benefiting both your company and the environment. Our primary expertise is in performing efficacy tests to determine if ozone is a viable solution for a particular water issue.  If positive results are proven, our engineers can then properly design and construct a complete and efficient turn-key ozone contacting/mass transfer system to fit that particular need.  The industrial grade Plazmatics high frequency-corona discharge ozone generators are the world’s first medium range generators that are custom built to suit a need.  With the combined importance of reliability, performance, and results we have created a functional system for any commercial or industrial ozone application.

We at O3 Solutions are here to assist with any questions you may have to ensure your ozone experience be a good one.  Our knowledgeable staff has over 25 years of hands on experience from consulting and custom design engineering to the proper sizing and installation of systems.  

Contact us today to set up an efficacy test to see if our ozone technology can dramatically reduce your company’s water treatment problems.