Oxygen Generators

Due to O3 Solutions’ relationship and history with world renowned AirSep, the premier manufacturer of PSA oxygen generating systems, we can provide these superior oxygen generators to you for less than the manufacturer’s list price.

AirSep offers completely self-contained oxygen generators equipped with their own air compressors.  All their models are available in a variety of electrical configurations and will generate up to 93% nominal purity, with a -100°F(-73°C) dew point.

AS-Series Oxygen Generators are designed to produce between 45 psig and 65 psig of output pressure as well as 93% nominal purity oxygen with a -100°F(-73°C) dew point. These are available in either 120 VAC or 220 VAC.


Technical Data Sheets:

With Reliability, Performance, and Results, we have a system for any type of commercial ozone application.