Plazmatics Ozone Generators

Plazmatics Generators are a combination of the old reliable corona discharge technology, plus the addition of the new plasma generator technology, which provides a much larger power band to generate ozone.  It enables us to create higher concentrations of ozone (up to 8% by weight) while being linear tuned which means you can control the output of power from 1-100 % in 1% increments.  The generators are also equipped to operate on a 4-20 ma input signal to allow precise control of ozone output when desired.  Our controlled power inverter will accept 85 to 130 volts of AC power, giving Plazmatics the largest accepted power range available.

These are worlds first mid-sized ozone generators which are custom built for a needed application.  Flexibility is key in the design and manufacturing in any of our generators. For a more detailed PDF on our Plazmatics equipment, please click here


Standard Features:
Plasma Block Ozone
On Board Self Diagnostics
Digital RMS Wattage Meter
Analog Output Meter
Lighted On/Off Circuit Breaker
Pulse Density Modulation (1-100%)
Oxygen Pressure Switch with LED
Vacuum Switch with LED indicator
Ozone On LED Indicator
Oxygen Smart-Timer Controller
Oxygen Inlet Pressure Gauge
Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve
Stainless Steel Needle Valve
Stainless Steel Tubing


With Reliability, Performance, and Results, we have a system for any type of commercial ozone application.