Our Products

The primary service of O3 Solutions is the treatment of industrial and commercial waste water with our ozone technologies, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical water treatment.  Industrial and commercial businesses can utilize these ozone technologies, dramatically lowering their energy costs.  With these ozone solutions, a business can employ these solutions to lower their energy footprint as well as their budget.


In 2006 we developed Plazmatics, an industrial grade, high-frequency, corona discharge ozone generator built specifically for your application.  O3 Solutions custom designs and engineers our ozone contacting and injection skids at our facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States of America.


O3 Solutions’ main goal is to ensure your ozone experience is a positive one by offering product support, service, and installation.  If you require individual components or a turn-key solution, we are always here to assist. Contact us today to set up a consultation and efficacy test to see if any of our ozone solutions will work for your business.  

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