Keene Wastewater: At the beginning of this month, The Mountain flipped the switch on a new system at its Marlborough manufacturing facility that removes colored dye from its waste without adding chemicals. The new system, which breaks the dye down, solved a longstanding problem that had threatened the future of the facility.

Clean Solution:  This article describes our services for The Mountain, a t-shirt company based in Keene, New Hampshire.  They were having problems in removing their dyes and chemicals from their waste water, but our ozone technologies helped them dramatically.  It lowered their budget costs significantly, but also helped the local environment by eliminating the harmful chemicals and dyes from the water which would otherwise return back to the treatment plants.

US Manufacturer:  Similar to the previous articles, this one also details how the t-shirt company The Mountain saved amazingly large amounts of money on their waste water treatment by including our ozone treatments, effectively saving $1,000 a day.  

Bottle Sanitizing:  This article is one which informs the reader about the necessity of ozone treatments with bottle sanitation, arguing that our ozone treatments are a much better alternative to the long-term expenses of chlorine and other chemicals.  


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